Suzanne New tube RIVER FISHING on a SUP! - Vlog (Chattahoochee River)

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RIVER FISHING on a SUP! - Vlog (Chattahoochee River)

My apologies if I came across as a spammer, that was not my intent. I have deleted the URL field on my account, as I am not selling anything on this forum. Was just having a great day and feeling good about my progress. PLEASE do not flame me again...that was a bit nasty and I did not get a chance to clear the Craigton Ohio OH. One of you asked how I was losing weight. I walk 4 miles a day about 6 days a week. I am controlling my calorie intake and staying away from the junk. I would rather have a lot of good stuff than one plate of chili cheese fries. After a quick start, my new pace is about 2 to 4 pounds off each week. Thanks for letting me post again.



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